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Sujan Ponnappa

“Electronics & Communication graduate with a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Twente. Passionate about leveraging technology for preventive healthcare. Co-Founder of Vitamijn, dedicated to enhancing health awareness and accessibility.”

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Application Architecture


Sujan Ponnappa was born in Karnataka, India in 1995. From a young age, Sujan was fascinated by science and technology, and he developed a particular interest in electronics and communication. He pursued his passion by studying for a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication, which he completed with distinction.

Sujan was determined to make the most of his education and decided to continue his studies abroad. He moved to the Netherlands to attend the University of Twente, where he enrolled in a Master’s program in Biomedical Engineering. Sujan was drawn to the field of biomedical engineering because he saw the potential for technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry and improve people’s lives.

During his studies, Sujan cultivated a profound appreciation for preventive healthcare, recognizing the pivotal role of regular health screenings and check-ups in averting serious health issues. His passion veered towards harnessing technology to champion preventive healthcare, aiming to elevate access to vital medical information for all.

After securing his Master’s degree, Sujan turned his attention towards enhancing workplace wellness. Leveraging his deep knowledge in electronics, communication, and biomedical engineering, he founded VitaMijn, an initiative dedicated to empowering workplaces with essential preventive health measures and insights, ensuring a healthier and more informed workforce.


BSc degree in Electronics and Communication (2017) at NIE, Mysore

Msc. Biomedical Engineering (2020) at University Twente, Enschede

Research interests

Researching the needs and ways to enhance workplace well-being involves a meticulous examination of the current state of employee health and wellness practices. This research is essential for designing a platform that caters to the unique health needs of employees and offers guidance on preventive wellness measures.

My Skills

Application Architecture100%
Software engineering90%